Municipal Engineering

BLA provides a multitude of different engineering services for our municipal clients – from watermain, storm sewer and sanitary sewer design to road programs and on-site engineering services.

BLA has the experience necessary to assist our clients in all their municipal needs. Our team understands current regulations while also working with the client to ensure their preferences and desires are met. We understand that as the engineer it is our responsibility to design and build a project that our client’s staff can maintain once we are done. Whether dealing with lead service requirements, flooding, sanitary sewer backups or other high priority, high public exposure activities, we understand the complexities that come with installing new underground facilities in an existing maze of infrastructure. When staffing challenges arise for our clients, BLA has the expertise and experience necessary to fill the vacancy. Our staff has experience not only handling engineering problems, but creating and managing public works maintenance contracts, preparing agenda items, staff management/training along with other daily public works related tasks.

Completed Municipal Engineering Projects